The Success


Life is like a painting. We are all given a blank canvas on which we have to create our own destiny. Whatever we paint on, becomes a part of us. So, Paint Carefully. Paint Wisely. But Paint Consistently.


Into the world some years ago,

a baby boy was born…

into a cruel and wicked life,

filled with hate and scorn.

His parents were poor, extremely poor

and had no proper home.

Sometimes they had nothing at all,

not even a brush or comb.

They moved regularly in desperate search

for a comfortable place to stay…

From Arima, to St Joseph, Curepe they went

until that fateful day.

They found a place in Laventile

to live a little while.

The boy knew not what was happening

because he was a child.

For thirteen… thirteen whole years he stayed at home,

indoors most of the time.

He was hardly allowed to go outside

with friends to talk and lime.

Finally his mother made up her mind

to make things work for him.

She placed him in a primary school,

But his chances were very slim.

The principal realized that the boy

was brighter than she thought,

so she, along with all the teachers

gave him full support.

For only two years… two years… he attended Primary School

because of his age,

and in the field of education,

this was a critical stage.

Despite the hardships he went through

he spiritually set himself free,

and when he passed for his first choice school

he cried excitedly.

In 2006 he was placed in a home

known as Rainbow Rescue.

His began to feel safe and protected.

His life felt fresh and new.

Overcoming all trials and tribulations,

this boy is now a man.

He’s twenty-eight years old and going strong,

guided by God’s mighty hand.

Today he stands tall with a grateful heart

putting service before and above self.

The “BOY” spoken of in this rendition

is none other… than… MYSELF.

~Dave Matthew, 2008~

A Beautiful Scene in the Countryside

Outside my classroom is a beautiful scene.

The sky is blue… The grass oh so green.

The birds all sing as they fly,

spreading their wings, flying ever so high.

I always watched as the birds glide

then swoop down to the mountainside.

An eagle flies with its steady chest

to its strong and beautiful hillside nest.

I saw some blackbirds flying West

on their long and seemingly difficult quest.

Different birds come from far and wide

to nest in the shade of the countryside.

When the sun goes down and the night steals near,

the hooting of the owl you could hear.

People are going home at night

in the bright and beautiful moonlight.

Then off to bead they are all gone

to peacefully sleep till the break of down.

~Dave Matthew, 2009~

The Mysterious Castle- A Dream

I lay down last night and I had a strange dream.

I dreamed of a castle standing next to a stream.

The castle was blue with a hint of gray

and could be seen at night but not during the day.

Standing at the gate was a guard clad in white

but something behind him gave me quite a fright.

Perched atop a tall lamppost

was a horrible, frightening, transparent ghost.

As I spun around to run away

it suddenly turned from night to day.

I stood there, open-mouthed and terribly scared,

watching as the castle disappeared.

I froze there so long, dumb-stricken with fright

that when I caught myself it was already night.

The castle reappeared and the frightening ghost

did the one thing that I feared the most.

It rose up and glided toward me with grace.

If only you could have seen the look on my face

when it changed to a man, looked at me and said

“I can only be seen by those who are dead!”

When I heard this, my heart skipped a beat

and chills ran down from my head to my feet.

I dropped to the ground and cried “This cannot be!

Oh God tell me, why does this have to be me!”

The man laughed and said in a gruesome voice

“You should have known that trespassing was a very bad choice.”

My heart raced on, I became filled with dread

but everything faded when I jumped out of bed.

~Dave Matthew, 2009~

The First Sighting- A Dream

This piece is a fictional and imaginative piece done based on a dream I had concerning the first interactions between the Indigenous Peoples and the Spanish Conquistadors.

On Macqueripe Bay one summer’s day

we noticed something weird.

A monster floated in the bay,

called “BLOOD” and it was red.

The sails waved at us as we stared in fright

with our mouth dropped open wide,

for it was a rather peculiar sight

and there was nowhere for us to hide.

The monster spat out a smaller one… her baby?

It looked so steady and light.

Inside it were men, shaped just like us,

but strangely, they were all pale and white.

They each carried in their hands

a long shiny metal stick.

They put a huge one on the sand

which had a long white wick.

The huge metal ones ate huge metal balls,

and spat them all over the place.

My brother took a terrible and nasty fall

and died when he was hit in his face.

We all became pumped with petrifying fear

for our weapons were made of wood.

Surely, in this battle, as we quickly became aware,

these weapons would be no good.

We were forcefully captured by the White Men

and beaten with wire and steel.

We were taken by force to meet their boss

who seemed to hate us a great deal.

We learnt that the “monster” was called a ship

and the smaller one, a boat.

There’s a hollow, air-filled space in the hull of the ship

which allows the great beast to float.

On the White Man’s plantation, we toiled long hours

and all we could do was pray.

We prayed until the blessed showers

came on Emancipation Day.

Now we can relax in the comfort of our homes,

and visit the beach to take a dip,

but we will never forget from where we came,

when our ancestors saw the first ship.

~Dave Matthew, 2009~



A smile is worth more than you can imagine.

It’s like a rainbow after the rain.

A smile is a wonderful thing to wear,

especially when worn through pain.

The smile is the body’s most attractive curve.

It’s heart-warming to say the least.

One smile can turn someone’s horrible day

into one of serenity and peace.

A smile can break barriers of depression and hurt

if worn on just the right face.

A smile can vanquish someone’s negative thoughts

and bring about a feeling of grace.

By smiling often you may become encouraging to others

So all you have to do is start.

A smile is like medicine, a vaccine, a drug

that will thaw a frozen heart.

Smiling makes life a little bit easier.

Let your happiness outweigh your stress.

You have no idea how one smile from you

can make someone else’s burdens seem less.

Smile whether or not things work in your favour

or even if you have a bad day.

It takes more facial muscles to frown than to smile

so why not just smile anyway?

A wide smile, a short smile, a long smile, maybe two.

It doesn’t matter which methods you choose.

Smiling is simple yet so amazingly powerful.

So smile… What have you got to lose?

~Dave Matthew, 2020~




It’s easy to give up when the going gets tough,

It’s easier to just let go.

Sometimes people think that it’s safer to move on

to save their pride and ego.

That’s where our motivation comes in;

there are simple things we can do and say.

For a simple “You can do this.” can encourage someone

to try another way.

Saying “You got this my friend” or “You’re doing really great,”

can work wonders in someone’s mind.

For it pays to be gentle, it pays to be supportive

and it definitely pays to be kind.

Getting down and dirty, side by side with someone

can trigger a willingness within them.

Showing someone that you can to do it too

can renew their strength… encourage them.

Encouragement can also take the form

of simply cheering someone on.

Let them know that they have your full support

and watch their enthusiasm be reborn.

A simple gesture of encouragement toward someone

can renew a passion within them.

With a little motivation someone’s entire world can change

so hesitate not to uplift them.

~Dave Matthew, Motivated by Sade Black, May, 2020~

The Rights of the Child

Each child has a right to life.

Each child has a right to be free.

Each child has a right to protection

just as you and me.


A young child is delicate and needs our love.

Let’s give all that we can give

to preserve the rights of each God-given child

for like us they all live.


The right to be fed, the right to be loved,

the right to make a mistake.

Without hesitation, allow them these rights.

They are children for God’s sake.


We should do our best for our children

even if just for a while.

Let’s all unite and make a stand

to preserve the rights of the child.


~Dave Matthew, 2009~


I stood one day on the second floor of my school

and stared out into this vast pool;

this vast pool of God’a wonderful creation;

a creation in which man was made to be one;

to be one with nature, the animals, and their fellowmen alike.

But, that’s just how this scene strikes…¬†Me.


I stood there that day and started to wonder;

to wonder how others interpret this great sight yonder;

to wonder what it means to them; to wonder how they think.

I tried so hard to understand and create a clear link

between how they see it and how it makes them feel.

Do they observe and paint clear pictures or conjure up surreal… Thoughts?


Absolute truth is rare, I can say this with certainty

for we all are uniquely blessed, we all see things differently.

We can all paint different pictures using the very same topic

depending on our interpretations and experiences that stick;

that stick with us as we go along.

I think this happens to everyone.


An artistic person may see it as God’s work of art.

A mathematician may see it as a section of a pie chart;

a division of the whole, in this case the world,

divided by our perceived boundaries that may ultimately unfold

into some equation of God’s doing by a Chemistry student

trying to separate this site from the world, the solute from the solvent.


A music student may hear the wind howling, the birds singing, flying lower, then higher

and interpret it as God’s sweet voice in a supernatural choir;

a choir voice that floats on the gentleness of the breeze,

keeping  rhythm with the to-and-fro swaying of the lush, green trees.

A literature student may see the birds fly, peacefully and free from strife

and interpret it as freedom, an ascension above the struggles of life.


A quote from Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, a very popular saying,

“Nothing makes sense unless we give it meaning”

For a tree can be seen as a nesting place or just a natural shelter.

It can also be seen as a heavenly ornament, meant to beautify Mother Nature.

Water is a sign of life, however, others may beg to differ

for this sign of life can also cause something horrible and bitter… Death.


So… This view that so amazingly caught my attention

and triggered my deep and meaningful observations

would mean nothing as it is to me, to anyone

unless we give it meaning through our own interpretations.

The very fabric of life is based upon interpretations;

My interpretations, Your interpretations, interpretations, interpretations.


~Dave Matthew, 2010~








Beautiful, sensational, loving, true,

supportive, meek and mild.

I’ve noticed these admirable things about you,

ever since I was a child.


A soft-spoken woman, tidy and neat.

Always putting your children first.

You sacrifice a lot, try your best to ensure

that we neither hunger nor thirst.


A dedicated soul, so determined and sweet

and of course incredibly strong.

You bore the pain of us ‘kicking your tummy’

for nine stressful months long.


You treated us well, so perfectly well

without the slightest scorn.

You’ve loved us all for who we are

since the blessed day we were born.


When we were sad you cheered us up

saying “Wipe your tears, don’t cry.”

You taught us well just as a mother-bird

teaching her young ones to fly.


Roses are so beautiful, their colours vary.

Violets are oh so blue.

Nothing tangible or intangible in the entire universe

can express how much I love you.


Without you my precious mom,

I most certainly would not be here.

You are one of the greatest reasons for my happiness.

I love you mummy dear.


To me you will ALWAYS be NUMBER ONE

You’ve been my hero since the start.

I love you so much I WILL DIE FOR YOU.



~Dave Matthew, 2010~





Smile Through It All

She’s been heartbroken, countless times,

She has tremendous burdens to bear.

She’s been shamed, ridiculed, belittled,

and no one seemed to care…

But yet… She smiled.

He’s lost a parent, maybe both,

He’s had “friends” that did nothing but hate.

He’s failed at school, lost jobs, found it difficult to survive,

He felt that his “saviour” was late…

But yet… He smiled.

They were in a long, healthy and fruitful relationship,

Then suddenly it all went to shit.

They grew apart, lost interest, “lost” love for each other

and unfortunately could not repair it…

And yet… They smiled?

My childhood was rough, life seemed a living hell,

Why wouldn’t my suffering stop?

Family life was under strain and it’s clear now

that it was faith in and strength from Jesus that kept me up…

So yes… I smile.

We all experience trying times

but we all grow through the pain.

Remember there can never be a beautiful rainbow

Without a little rain.

So yes… Let’s smile.

Through good and bad, through thick and thin,

We must strive to keep standing tall.

We must dig deep into our souls, muster up the courage

and smile through it all…


~Dave Matthew, 2020~

Healing Is A Journey

On some days you’re doing great, on others, not so much.
Sometimes you simply need silence and alone time, sometimes a healing touch.

Sometimes a hug, an embrace or even a kiss, may bring you that comfort you crave.
Sometimes you simply need words of affirmation, sometimes you just have to be brave.

On some days you see your healing, on some days it’s a scavenger hunt.
Sometimes to heal you need to catch that pass, sometimes you just need to punt.

Today I pray for your total healing, from anything that may be weighing you down.
and that God calms your spirit, unburdens your heart, and adds jewels to your crown.

Be still and know that God is near, your healing is on its way.
Be blessed, be happy, be calm, be YOU and have an awesome day… Everyday.

~Dave Matthew, March, 2020~